2nd Annual Hike for Healing – October 21!

October 21st, 2017 is the date for FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture and the Monument Quilt’s second annual Hike for Healing — a walk or hike to support survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence on their lifelong healing journey.

DONATE today, or sign up yourself to walk or hike 3 miles on October 21st to help us raise $50,000 for the final Monument Quilt display.

Funds raised for Hike for Healing support a final display of the Monument Quilt, an on-going collection of stories from survivors of rape and abuse. Written, stitched, and painted onto red fabric, our stories are displayed in city and town centers to create and demand public space to heal. In the Quilt’s final display, it will blanket the National Mall to spell “NOT ALONE.”



We will be keeping you updated with the growing list of locations in the “Hike Locations” tab. Join one, plan a hike/walk, or do a healing activity on your own!

Email UpsettingRapeCulture@gmail.com to tell us about your meet-up so that we can share.

Accessibility note: We encourage everyone to choose a walk or hike of a distance and difficulty that fits you. If you need an alternative to walking and/or being outdoors, choose an activity that manifests self care and healing for survivors. Some suggestions include (are not limited to) relaxing outside, star-gazing, meditation, painting a picture, or doing stretching exercises.


Post your pictures and testimonials about why you are participating in Hike for Healing to help us amplify our message: #HikeForHealing and #SupportSurvivors

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Every 107 seconds, another person is victimized by sexual violence. Survivors span all age groups, genders and sexual orientations. People of color, LGBTQ folks, and people with disabilities experience the highest rates of sexual violence.

Through the Monument Quilt, FORCE building a nationwide movement of survivors to heal with the public support of our communities. The Monument Quilt started in 2013 and has been displayed 30 times in 25 different cities. The quilt builds a new culture where survivors are publicly supported, rather than publicly shamed. It resists a narrow narrative about sexual violence by telling many stories, not just one.

This work is needed now more than ever. We are operating within presidency that threatens to take away basic funding and support for rape and abuse, identifying past trauma as a pre-existing condition — when our president is working on cracking down on criminal justice and immigration laws that will create higher rates of sexual and domestic violence along with a higher chance that victims will be incarcerated and punished instead of provided with healing, support, and services.

The Monument Quilt will make a defiant stance against this violence when it blankets the National Mall with thousands of stories collected through this project, in 2018. This huge, culminating event comes at a pivotal time to show our continued resistance against violence, through our vision of a world that supports survivors.

By being part of Hike for Healing you will help to amplify survivors’ stories both during the Hike for Healing event on October 21, in our ongoing work to create healing space for survivors through the Monument Quilt, and in the final display in 2018. By donating or participating you are supporting the work to resist a singular narrative about sexual assault.