El Monumento de Historias está guiado por el equipo de FORCE que incluye:

  • Charnell Covert (she/her) is an educator, artivist, community organizer, minister, and wounded healer. Charnell currently works with FORCE as the community organizer working on the listening campaign to disrupt culture which helps different communities around Baltimore City re-imagine Baltimore as a rape free city. She has been doing community organizing and activism since she was a teenager, now 15 years. She also serves as faculty in the Women and Gender Studies Department at Towson State University where she infuses creative pedagogy with real world learning experiences for her college students. She uses her creative talents to both write and direct original plays the intertwine the themes of Black women’s health narratives and intersectionality with dance, modeling, and singing. Her two plays Healing and They Called Me HeLa have shown throughout the United States. She has taught dance for 15 years in her community dance ministry and serves as a youth, social justice,and arts minister at Jesus Is Real Outreach Ministries Worldwide.  Through her womanist and social justice consulting firm Wrapped In Rainbows,LLC she helps to develop youth leaders, write original curriculum for school and organizations, provide qualitative research and narrative development for individual and groups, and offers public speaking engagements to encourage audiences to develop their own distinct healing and leadership journeys. Charnell’s overall mission is to help facilitate healing and health justice amongst Black women and girls and urban communities of color. When she grows up, she wants to open a holistic community health, arts, and research center for Black women and girls. She is proud Baltimorean, auntie, daughter, friend, lover of all things yellow, sunflowers, and joy!
  • E Cadoux (they, them) is a facilitator, performance artist, chef, and member of Call Your Mom. They are passionate about artwork and education that center bodily autonomy and liberation. They have extensive experience facilitating performance and facilitation based workshops on anti-blackness, white supremacy, pedagogy, organizational structure, and coalition work. In their work with Wide Angle Youth Media, they taught middle school and high school groups video and audio production, and facilitated conversations about racial identity and unlearning racial bias. As Youth Coordinator and Artist in Residence at FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture they organize and co-facilitate Youth Voices for Consent, a youth-led devised theater group that envisions a world without rape culture. They received their BA from the University of Michigan in Women’s Studies and Comparative Literature, with a focus on trauma studies and performance, and their certificate in social justice facilitation through the Program on Intergroup Relations Education.They are gender non-binary and use they, them pronouns.
  • Hannah Brancato (she/her) is an artist and educator based in Baltimore. She is co-founder of FORCE. Hannah was a 2015 OSI-Baltimore Community Fellow to launch FORCE’s Baltimore based survivor collective, Gather Together. She began working with survivors of domestic and sexual violence in 2008, when she established Advocate Through Art at the House Of Ruth Maryland, an awareness campaign by and for domestic violence survivors. Brancato is currently faculty at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). She is dedicated to mobilizing visual culture uproot and resist white supremacy, structural racism and rape culture. In all of her work, she challenges viewers and participants to make connections between personal experience and social injustices and realities. Hannah received her MFA in Community Art from MICA in 2011.
  • Mora Fernández (she/her) is an artivist, consultant, speaker and sexual and domestic violence advocate. As a survivor of sexual abuse and sexual exploitation on her childhood, she has dedicated her personal and professional life to advocate for children, women, indigenous communities and undocumented immigrants. Mora has worked hard to give voice to victims by using her leadership position and her testimony as a survivor to break the silence of this silent epidemic. Mora is the Founder and CEO of La Casa Mandarina AC (LCM) an independent non-profit organization based in Mexico City devoted to end sexual violence through ARTivism. In 2018, she received the Honorable Mention of the Hermila Galindo Prize 2018 awarded by the Mexico City Human Rights Commission (CDHCDMX) to her outstanding work and career in favor of the human rights of women and girls in Mexico. In 2014, she was awarded in New York and India for her for her work in sexual violence prevention against women and children. Mora is also an extremely passionate traveler, an amateur sculptor and an excellent dancer born in Mexico City but a citizen of the world. She love coffee, trees and butterflies, watch soccer and play domino. She is a fan of Mafalda and The Little Prince. Her dream is to travel around Mexico riding in 1970 Kombi, listening to Janis Joplin, Bebe and Café Tacuba with Diego, her ingenious nephew; Paula, her creative niece and Justino José (her crazy little service dog). Mora is obsessed with maps.
  • Shanti Flagg (she/her) is an Indian lesbian artist and musician. She grew up in Portland, Maine. She studied Studio Art at NYU with a concentration in drawing and received her BFA in 2014. She currently lives in Baltimore and is a Collective Member and the Studio Director at FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture. Her main role at FORCE has been teaching hundreds of volunteers to sew to create the Monument Quilt, a collection of stories by survivors of rape and abuse that are installed publicly to demand community healing space. As an artist, she works primarily in painting, photography, and performance. Her art deals with the physical realities of women and alternative histories/futures. She plays the drums in Baltimore-based band Dreambush.