Negotiating Sex in 30 Seconds or Less

Welcome to Negotiating Sex in 30 Seconds or Less!

Here is the mission:

While the profile of sexual consent has risen dramatically in the past few years, there is still a lot of confusion about consent in the mainstream media. Some people try to argue that consent is complicated, confusing, awkward or too difficult to practice. But we know that open and direct communication improves sex, and sex without consent is assault.

To show the endless ways people are happily practicing consent FORCE is hosting the “Negotiating Sex in 30 Seconds or Less” video contest.  Groups from colleges and the general public are invited to make 30 second videos that demonstrate negotiating sex: from asking for a kiss, to discussing condom use, to describing just how you like it.  

Here is the deal:

The contest will run from April 25 to October 1. Thanks to our funders and sponsors the Harnisch Foundation and Sugar, the video with the most “likes” will win a $1000 cash prize!

To enter the contest, upload your video to youtube and email the link to with the subject line “30 seconds”. Your video will be added to the official contest youtube playlist.

Contest Rules:

  • 1. All videos must be 30 seconds long or less. Compilations of a series of 30 second clips will be accepted.
  • 2. Videos must by submitted by midnight on OCTOBER 1 at 5p EST. All voting must conclude by October 3 at 9a EST
  • 3. Voting will be by viewers choice, meaning that the winner will be the video with the most “likes” on youtube. Make sure you share your video widely for a fair shot at winning!
  • 4. All videos must demonstrate consent. Consent is communication between sexual partners about what they do and do not want for their bodies. Consent must be enthusiastic and it must be ongoing. That means if you give consent once, you haven’t agreed to that sexual act for all time. Sex without consent is rape.
  • 5. All videos should demonstrate how sex can be safe, empowering and pleasurable rather than coercive and violent. Any videos that perpetuate rape culture will not be included in the contest.
  • 6. FORCE reserves the right to disqualify any videos which do not follow the above rules.

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Thank you to our funders for making this project possible!