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Join the movement to support survivors and sign up to host a workshop today!  Sign up using the form below!

A full kit of resources to host a workshop (including template invitations, quilt making instructions and more) is available online here.  No sewing or counseling experience necessary! Workshops are organized by two-three facilitators with 10-15 participants and include storytelling, quilt-making, and sharing community support. Participants collaborate to create safe, healing space in which to be heard, and become activist in the fight to end rape while simultaneously engaging in the lifelong process of healing.

Here are the basics on what it means to host a workshop:

  • Find a space to host the event, and a person who is interested and excited to facilitate the workshop.

  • Gather a group of people together who are interested in adding their stories to the quilt.

  • Provide/prepare to have the physical materials on hand for the workshop participants.

  • Hold the workshop and walk folks through the process of creating quilts.

FORCE has an outreach team available to provide troubleshooting as needed throughout your planning process. For questions and support contact us at

Join the movement to build supportive communities for survivors across the country, today! Let us know you’re planning on hosting a workshop using the contact form above.