Collect a Piece of Herstory

FORCE seeks to find a home for every single piece of the Monument Quilt, spreading its expressive power around the world. We are excited to be in touch with you about the potential acquisition of a section of the Monument Quilt! The purpose of this collaboration is to ensure a safe, permanent home for each piece of the Quilt, to provide opportunities for public viewing, and to keep the power of the project alive and accessible to the world. FORCE is working to place each of the 750 blocks, in groupings of 10-100, in permanent collections. The location of each block will be documented on a map, and synced with the Monument Quilt app.

FORCE is seeking institutions who: value the role of art in social justice; who are dedicated to anti-racist and anti-oppressive practices; and who value artwork created by the people of all genders who are survivors of sexual and intimate partner violence. By collecting a section of the Monument Quilt, your institution is ensuring that many generations will witness these survivor’s stories.

To facilitate this acquisition, the FORCE collective will:

+ Transfer ownership of selected quilt blocks to the institution.

+ Provide a photographic archive, language & printed materials.

+ Provide data about each collected quilt square.

+ Participate in a program at the institution to mark the acquisition


FORCE will ask the collecting institution to:

+ Ensure regular exhibition of the Quilt blocks.

+ Properly store and preserve the artwork.

+ Host a program about the Monument Quilt to mark the acquisition or first exhibition.

+ Support the private viewing of Quilt squares when not on view.


Collecting institutions with access to money will also be asked to make a financial contribution. The amount is based on the value of the artwork and years of labor that went into creating it, combined with what the institution expresses they are able to afford.

Since the beginning of the archiving process in 2020, sections of the Monument Quilt have been collected by several renowned academic and cultural institutions. Some of these collectors include  The Baltimore Museum of Art, The Reginald F Lewis Museum of African American History and Culture, University of Maryland Baltimore County, University of North Carolina Greensboro, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, Ohio University, and more!