Frequently Asked Questions

What are the responsibilities of a Monument Quilt caretaker?

Any individual or organization that takes ownership of a piece or pieces of the Monument Quilt is becoming the steward of its proper preservation, storage, spiritual respect, and accessibility to members of the public who would like to view it after learning of its location through the Monument Quilt app. 

Can those who submitted quilts get their quilts back?

Yes! Please contact for information on our return process. Understand that your quilt piece is currently sewed to 3 other pieces as a part of a Monument Quilt block, and there are a few different options for how the return is processed depending on your and the other artists’ desires. We charge a fee for the labor associated with processing the return.

Who can become a Monument Quilt caretaker?

Museums, art and community centers, universities, healing-focused spaces, individuals, and community-connected businesses are warmly invited to inquire about becoming caretakers of pieces of the Monument Quilt. There are responsibilities that come with the decision to take ownership of a piece of the quilt. Please inquire at to find out if taking care of a Monument Quilt piece is a good match for you!

For more information and to become a part of this historic project, please contact us!