May 31-June 2, 2019, FORCE is blanketing the lawn of the National Mall with a quilt made of stories from survivors of rape and abuse. Over 3,000 quilts were created, and will join together to create public space where survivors are honored and supported, rather than silenced and shamed.

To allow our small but mighty team to prepare for this monumental event, we are no longer accepting new Monument Quilt squares.

Although we are no longer accepting quilts, below is the simple step-by-step guide that survivors and allies used to create their square. If you created a quilt, we invite you to complete this survey to tell us about what your experience was like.

You can also download a PDF of the instructions here. A black and white version is available here.


  • 4′ x 4′ (48″ x 48″)
  • Fabric
  • 75% (¾) red
  • Include a completed square submission form

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Plan your square

    You may write your own story of rape or abuse, a statement about your experience with sexual violence, or a message of support for survivors. If you’ve never written your story before, this process may be difficult, but will ultimately be cathartic. Take breaks, take care of yourself, and reach out if you need support. If your experience is being a secondary survivor, please write from your perspective. You can express your own unique experience in words, sentences, paragraphs, images, color, symbols, pockets, and more.

  2. Make your square!

    Squares can be made with sewing, paint, markers (permanent or fabric), iron-on transfers, out of an old sheet, or even spray paint! Your quilt square can have folds, layers, pockets and objects sewn into it. We recommend you not use hot glue; stretchy, see-through or super heavy fabric; washable markers; or paper materials. Please leave 2 inches of blank space around the edge. If a part of your square breaks, we cannot fix it. We will still include squares that have broken pieces in the final display. We encourage you to use whatever format makes sense to you! Watch these videos to see examples of how to make a quilt square using spray paint or sewing!

  3. Make a donation (suggested donation $10 – $30)

    Each quilt square costs $30 to receive, document, store, process & display as part of the Monument Quilt. Donations over $30 sponsor other the quilt squares from other people. All squares are received, cared for & included regardless of donation amount. Online donations can be made here. Checks can be made payable to FORCE and mailed to us with your square.

  4. Fill out the Quilt Submission form

    After creating your quilt square fill out this online submission form to receive a reference number. You can use your reference number to track your quilt square during the different phases of the project. We accept anonymous submissions; you don’t have to include your name. You can submit your quilt square without a submission form. We keep all information private.

  5. Mail your square!

    Attach your reference number or submission form to your quilt and send to:

    FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture
    120 W North Ave #205

    Baltimore, MD 21201

    Because we are receiving and processing thousands of blankets, we are not able to send blankets back once they have been submitted.