#NotAlone International Weekend of Action

#NotAlone International Weekend of Action

The Monument Quilt will be on the National Mall May 31-June 2, 2019, to declare and occupy public space for survivors to heal. This is a chance for survivors to organize with our communities and to remind ourselves that we are Not Alone. You can be part of this historic event, even if you can’t join us in person in DC.

In order for survivors to heal, we must believe ourselves, and be believed and supported by our communities. Take action May 31-June 2 by demonstrating the revolutionary act of radical belief.

We define Radical Belief as an action. Belief is the practice of trust, faith and/or confidence in someone. We can help build a new tradition of affirming and uplifting survivors, rather than shaming them. The work starts with understanding how we practice belief with ourselves and others.

Here’s how to participate in the #NotAlone Weekend of Action.

Remember to SHARE, and use our hashtags on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter: #notalone #monumentquilt #radicalbelief

  • Create a 15 second video with a message about how you practice radical belief.
  • Wear a patch or hold a sign that says not alone or no estas solx,  take a selfie, and share on social media with a statement about how you practice radical belief.
  • Replace your profile picture with our red Not Alone square for the weekend. Download here. 





The work continues beyond this weekend of action. Use this discussion guide to continue your reflection on radical belief beyond this weekend.

Discussion Questions:

  • What would it look like to center survivors in our response to abuse?
  • Who is worthy of belief? Why?
  • How does white supremacy control who is believed?
  • What does it feel like to be not to be questioned about your experiences?
  • What would it take to build a space where we really believe each other?
  • What does self-love looks like for you?